Quitting smoking not only lengthens your lifespan but it also improves your overall quality of life– and the lives of people around you. Within just 12 hours of smoking cessation, the carbon monoxide level in your bloodstream will be visibly reduced. And the health benefits keep coming!

Healthy Eating

The food choices you make affect your health not only for today, but for tomorrow and the future.Small changes in the way you think about food can make huge changes in the way you feel and the way you live.

Physical Activity

It’s easy to add healthy activity to your daily life without having to commit to a gym regimen. Bicycling and walking daily can be a big step toward better health. So can tossing a ball outside with your family or pets.

What's New?

The Healthy Harvey Coalition are recipients of the Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Kansas Pathways to a Healthy Kansas Initiative Phase 2! Congratulations to everyone on their hard work. For more information about the Pathways Initiative click here.

Interested in Employee Wellness? Call or email about Work Well Harvey County.

North Newton awarded a Transportation Alternatives Grant from the Kansas Department of Transportation to expand the bike trail.

The Harvey County Food and Farm Council has a website visit

The Harvey County Community Health Needs Assessment is complete! To see the report, click here.


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About the Healthy Harvey County Coalition

The Healthy Harvey Coalition works to improve the overall health of our community. By working through policies, systems and environmental change, we are making it easier for residents to choose healthier lifestyle options. From better options for bicyclists and pedestrians to ending tobacco dependence and learning to plan more balanced meals and playdates, our goal is to make Harvey County a healthier place to live.

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