October 13, 2023

Book Club - 13 Ways to Kill Your Community

Join us for a county-wide book club for 13 Ways to Kill Your Community. The title may sound odd, but it's thirteen chapters about issues that, if ignored, can damage a community - so the reverse is that if you address those issues, it should help your community thrive. And while reading a book is all and good, the important part is what you do with that knowledge. That is why we will have a facilitator to lead discussions in each town in the county and help guide planning to address the issue that comes to the top. And why, when we are all done with the book, we will have a county-wide meeting to see what idea everyone has about a plan for all of us to work on!

We have books available, free of charge thanks to a grant from Network Ks. To get in the club, either call Lorrie at 316-283-5667 ext 228 or email lkessler@harveycounty.com. And if you want to facilitate a discussion group, let us know too!

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